Important Tips to Minimize the Risk of Theft

We all know that the risk of break-ins is hard to eliminate. But there are a lot of other easy ways to reduce this risk to a minimum. The fact is that burglars want to get in and out of your property as quickly as possible. If we make it harder for them to enter our property, they will need more time, which means that chances of them being caught increase.

Your main points of entry such as your doors and windows are the weakest point of your home. The most burglaries happen through these opening points. Making it as difficult as possible for burglars to get access to your home through doors and windows is the easiest and cheapest way to increase your security and avoid break-ins.

Outside And Inside Doors

Make sure you have the strongest possible doors, not only your outside doors, but inside doors as well, as weak doors can easily be kicked in. The best doors are those that are made from solid wood or metal, or those that have internal metal enforcement. Also make sure you have security gates installed, both outside as well as inside your residence. If you have glass doors, make sure that the glass is break resistant. The door jams, as well as the door handles should be of the strongest possible material so that forced entry can be prevented. There are special hinging systems which prevent your doors from being lifted out. Locksmith Near Me always suggests installing a modern security door.

Other Points of Entry in And Around Your HomeĀ 

Your fence and gate should be in good repair, and it is important that your gate is extra secured by advanced padlock. Try to keep your gate motor out of sight, or build extra reinforcement around it such as steel casing or a small brick enclosure with a padlocked door. Even if it is not particularly attractive, for extra security you could use barbed wire on top of your fence or wall. Cutting down or trimming trees that are close to your wall or fence is also a good idea. Intruders also get access through roofs and skylights. Try to prevent access to your roof by cutting down trees that are close to the home, and consider extra security for your skylights such as custom-made burglar bars.


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