Slate Roof Maintenance Tips From The Slate Roof Repair Specialists

There are lots of benefits of installing slate roofs, including their beautiful looks, the fact is that they last for decade if they are well-maintained, fire resistance, and environment-friendly. However, in order to get the full effect of these benefits, homeowners need to understand it is very important to maintain and so needs to hire the slate roof repair specialists.

Maintenance and Precautions

When doing any kind of maintenance, make sure that you avoid walking on the slate roof as much as possible. Thin slate may break or crack due to the surface weight, causing extra damage to the property.
Most of the maintenance is performed by the regularly assess your roof. First look for broken or cracked areas. If you see any, contact a specialist immediately. Cracks or breaks in the roof can allow water to leak under the roof and result in water damage occurring. Roofing Contractor Prince George can repair the damaged areas quickly and much more affordable compared to what it would cost to fix extensive water damage.

Next thing you need to check regularly or keep an eye on the irregular around your roof. You’ll surely need to replace the flashing sooner than you’ll have to do any major repairs on your roof. If replacing your flashing requires replacement the sheathing under the slate, make sure you get advice from the professionals. Not all sheathing materials are created equally and thus you need to know all detailed specifications.

Checking the Quality

You just need to look at your roof from the exterior. You should also check it from the loft so you can see the interior of your roof. Use a flashlight so that you can check for stains on the timbers of your roof, especially if it’s just rained. If your tiles have water stains, then you’ll need to do a deeper check for hairline checks.

There are also lots of things you can see from the ground. Look for sloped slate tiles. If tiles have a powdery appearance, then it means the tile is failing and needs to be replaced in order to restore the normal look. Also look for gaps in your mortar joints along the ridgeline. If you see any cracks or splits, in the slate roof then it may be time to replace the mortar.

Cost and Maintenance Charges

The cost of repairing a slate roof can depend on problem area according to Slate Roof Repair Specialists. Small repairs or replacing a single cracked shingle may cost as little as some hundred dollars, whereas more involved cleaning and restoration may cost several thousand dollars. However, given the fact that the average slate roof costs at least some five figures to install, even the sharp price tags associated with maintenance and repairs may be worth the spending in terms of protection and increasing your home’s value.

In most of the cases, the minor maintenance and little bit of repair jobs needed throughout the life of your slate roof will be sufficient enough to ensure that it lasts. However, in some cases, particularly with old homes, insufficient maintenance over the years leads to deterioration and disrepair ahead of the lifetime of the roof itself. In these cases, it is best and better to choose restoration, a more intense form of slate roof repair, may be warranted. In other cases, age or damaged may lead you to make the rough decision about whether or not to completely replace your roof.

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