Your Online Reviews Can Make or Break Your Real Estate Deals

If you looking to buy a product that is offered by various companies? How would you decide about whom to purchase it from? If you are well aware of the internet then you will simply pick up your smartphone and read online reviews about every specific company and then will make your decision-based o those reviews. Well, the same thing goes for everyone who is going to use real estate services.

With modern technology and the internet, it has become very simple and fast to access information about everyone. Your potential clients will also look for reviews before hiring your company. The testimonials and reviews that they find online could be the difference between losing your clients to someone and getting new clients.

Get a Testimonial from Your Client after Every Closing

If your clients are happy with your services then it’s very important for you to obtain a testimonial after every closing. Usually, closing time is the happiest time for a client and thus it is the best time to ask for a testimonial. It is very difficult to get that testimonial later.

Tell your clients that it could be small and just be a few sentences. Most people don’t like to write long reviews and that’s why they might not give you any review because of that. A short and to the point testimonial is the best and effective.

Take a Picture with Your Client in Front of the Property

At the time of closing along with asking for a testimonial, you must also take a picture with them. It is always suggested to take a picture with your client in front of their property.

Displaying Testimonials on Real Estate Website

The most essential place to present your testimonials and reviews is on your own real estate agent website. This website is usually ranked higher in search engine results. You definitely want to display your reviews and testimonials on your agent’s website.

It is very important to keep a track of all the reviews that clients post about your website. You can use “Read Reviews Online” for tracking all your reviews online. This is the best online review tracker site and you can use this site to track all the reviews about your website and that too at one place.

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